Body Torque delivers the very best custom cycling gear, made from durable and lasting Italian fabric which dries fast, is breathable and comfortable.

This PRO EURO Jersey and Bib & Brace in this range has Italian styling with superb detailing. The jersey has integrated mesh paneling provideing optimal ventilation. Flatlock stitching increasing overall comfort and sleeve contour maintaining natural unrestricted body movement. This jersey is simply Deluxe!

For the Bib & Brace the inclusion of Skin Gripper on the leg finish creates a non-friction effect between skin and fabric but also holds the gripper properties to help keep the knicks in place while riding. Flatlock seams also increase overall comfort following the natural body movement.

We understand the importance of kitting yourself with gear that will allow your skin to perspire while allowing you to move comfortably and keep you dry.

We can offer you multiple designs to suit your needs, with on trend colours and designs. All our designs are created using eco friendly inks with the sublimation process on the PRO EURO Jerseys and Bib & Brace or normal waist knicks if prefered. You can also accessorise your kit with Custom Socks and Caps to complement your team gear in your team colours.

Speak with us today and let our dedicated team help you create the PRO EURO Custom Cycling Gear you will be proud to wear.