Episode 16 - Simon Rimmer



In this episode we torque to Simon Rimmer, creator and founder of Gibb River Challenge.

The Gibb River Challenge is a socially competitive 660 kilometre team relay event raising community awareness and money for charity.

In this episode we cover: 

  • The story of how the Gibb River Challenge came about and how long it has been running
  • The experiences to watch out for at the Ord Valley Muster Event and the destination
  • What to expect from the event
  • Kind of training recommended for the event
  • The most creative fundraising a team or person has done to date
  • Things people did in the challenge that surprised Simon
  • The most interesting things Simon has seen in the event
  • The Fat Bike National Championships
  • Dates for the Gibb River Challenge
  • How to register to the Challenge