Episode 24 - Natalie Dwyer West

      In this episode, I talk to Natalie Dwyer West, a representative of Kangen water from Enagic Global.Kangen Water® is delicious water create ... [Read More]

Episode 23 - Trav Bell

      In this episode, I torque to Travis Bell, The Bucket List Guy. He is a self-appointed ‘Bucket Listologist’ and is the Worldʼs #1 Bucket Li ... [Read More]

Episode 22 - Rob Ward

      In this episode, I talk to the Director and Co-founder of Annex® Products, Rob Ward. Annex® Products designs and creates products that aim ... [Read More]

Episode 21 - Kieran Horsfall

      In this episode, I talk to Kieran Horsfall, founder of PEDLA Co.PEDLA Co., a social enterprise, was founded in 2017 with a mission to deli ... [Read More]

Episode 20 - Grant Giles

      In this episode, I talk to Grant Giles, founder of Sports Supports and Aeromax Coaching.Aeromax Coaching was founded in 1997 and Grant ... [Read More]

Episode 19 - Craig Johns

      In this episode I talk to Craig Johns, founder and CEO of NRG2Perform for CEOs, business owners, and leaders aiming for peak performance. ... [Read More]

Episode 18 - Hugo Davidson

      In this episode, we talk to Hugo Davidson, CEO, and Co-founder of Knog. Knog is a Melbourne design brand creating urban flavoured tech for ... [Read More]

Episode 17 - Peta Stewart

      In this episode, we talk to Peta Stewart, a property conveyancing mentor who sought out experts for eliminating risk and reducing stress f ... [Read More]

Episode 16 - Simon Rimmer

      In this episode we torque to Simon Rimmer, creator and founder of Gibb River Challenge. The Gibb River Challenge is a socially competitive ... [Read More]