Episode 16 - Simon Rimmer

      In this episode we torque to Simon Rimmer, creator and founder of Gibb River Challenge. The Gibb River Challenge is a socially competitive ... [Read More]

Episode 15 - Franko Vatterott

      In this episode, we talk to Franko Vatterott, Managing Director of Human Interest Group. Human Interest group is a 9-year-old Athlete Mana ... [Read More]

Episode 14 - Charles Black

      In this episode, we talk to Charles Black, founder and CEO of Cycle Life HQ which is building the world’s bicycle tourism marketplace sinc ... [Read More]

Episode 13 - Cameron Nicholls

       In this episode we talk to Cameron Nicholls, founder of Bike Chaser, a business that changes the way online connects our great cycling com ... [Read More]

Episode 12 - Jamie Finch-Penninger

       In this episode, we talk to Jamie Finch Penninger, a Journalist who mostly covers Australian  Cycling and Cyclists. He works as a freelanc ... [Read More]

Episode 11 - Shane Miller

       In this episode, we talk to Shane Miller, an avid cyclist and industry expert in training metric measurement with power meters, GPS tracki ... [Read More]

Episode - 10 Dylan Jones

       In this episode, we talk to Dylan Jones, founder of Coast Protein Inc. Coast Protein Inc. is a company that sells sustainable cricket ... [Read More]

Episode 9 - Vaughan McVilly

       In this episode we talk to Vaughan McVilly, founder of McVilly Enterprises. McVilly Enterprises offers cycling experiences in Australia th ... [Read More]

Episode 8 - Steven Nemeth

       In this episode we talk to Steven Nemeth from Bont. Bont is a leading innovator and manufacturer of cycling shoes that include road, MTB, ... [Read More]