How to Ride in a Crosswind

Crosswinds is when its windy and hits you from the side that can make you struggle to stay upright or in line, especially if you have Zipp Wheels!  Dealing with the wind can be as hard as hill climbing but can also be great resistance training and get you stronger!

 Here are a few tips:

  • Check the weather BOM App before you plan your ride. Knowing the wind direction will help you prepare.
  • If you’re already riding, read the wind, figure out the direction the wind is blowing. Watch the direction the trees and grass sway or feel the wind on your face. Or as Murphy’s Law would have it, you would most likely be in a Head Wind going out but at least you could have the tail wind home if you’re lucky!
  • Think ahead before you hit the change of wind direction.  If you are in a headwind and turning a corner into the crosswind start to move into the formations listed below.
  • If you are riding by yourself, lean slightly into the wind.
  • If you are riding in a pair, the front rider should move to the side, into the wind. While the second rider takes shelter by riding to the side downwind, bikes slightly overlapping. Basically, a diagonal line down wind. If the wind is coming from the left, the second rider will stay behind and to the right of the leader.
  • If you are riding in a group of 3 or more riders, try forming an echelon, an angled formation of riders. Riders align themselves diagonally behind the leader downwind fanning out to be in a protected position
  • After 1 – 2 minutes the lead rider pulls off into the wind moving behind into the last position of the echelon. The next rider takes the leaders spot as the rest of the riders rotate through. Continue rotating until the end of the ride.

What Not To Do

  • Do not make a straight line behind the leader. Otherwise known as the gutter.
  • When rotating to the front position keep the same pace otherwise the other riders might drop off and no longer be with the bunch.