Christmas gift ideas for cyclists

December 04, 2018 4 min read

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists

Santa might have a pretty tough job, delivering all those gifts around the world in just one night, but at least he has a written list of possible presents for each child so there’s no head scratching to be done there. For everyone else we need to guess what a good gift might be for our friends and family members, regardless of if our loved ones have been naughty or nice.

Body Torque can at least help you out by narrowing down the gift list for cycling enthusiasts. Or maybe it’s just a way to drop a subtle hint to your own loving Santa (i.e. send them this blog).

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I would like…

Bike cleaning products

This could almost be classed as a lump of coal if you tune it right, although it’s a very practical lump of coal that they will probably be grateful for having year round.

Most people are happy to get into the mechs nitty gritties with an old toothbrush, instead buy a brush cleaning kit that has a range of brush sizes, shapes and bristle stiffness. You might like to include a large sponge as well, which is good for cleaning the wheels and bike frame.

If you know someone with a lot of dirt and very little patience then consider gifting a pressure washer that connects to the garden hose to help make cleaning up quick and easy. Great for mountain biking and cyclocross clean ups.

Of course a real bike enthusiast can never have too much degreaser. You can buy eco friendly, foam solutions, wash and degrease as a two-in-one, and even a chain cleaning sponge to go with them.

Lastly, throw in some bike polish. Yes, there is such as thing as wax polish for a bike. After cleaning it protects from corrosion and helps prevent dirt and water sticking, making the bike easier to clean and super shiny. Look for options that contain a moisture dispersant as well as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Just be sure you let them know to remove the wheels before application and to avoid spraying break components at all costs. You don’t want your Christmas gift to cause an accident.

Nutritional products  

On a big ride, cyclists need big fuel. The fastest and easiest way to do this is with nutritional products, however, they don’t come cheap. Because of this a pack of power-packed goodness will really make a cyclists day. There are a few options you can try.

Hypotonic: Thirst quenches that are low on sugar, therefore not big on energy delivery (basically electrolyte mixes).

Isotonic: These quench your thirst and deliver a small power hit with 4-8g of carbs per 100ml.

Hypertonic: The primary objective here is a power boost. These sweet and sticky drinks deliver energy via 8g+ of carbs per 100ml.

They come in a range of soluble tablets, powders and gels, as well as a mix of flavours with basics covering chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but every kind of mix imaginable (and hard to imagine) is on the shelves somewhere.

Foam roller  

Want to keep your cyclist fit and healthy? Then a foam roller is a great gift, although possibly not the easiest to wrap. This is a sure fire way to kick-start a healthy warm up and cool down regime to go with their ride and to keep the cricks and pains to a minimum.

Saddlebags and packs

Most real roadies will work hard to keep their carry on requirements down to what will fit in the back pocket of a jersey, however, there is only so much you can shove into these and some days you might need an extra set of clothes, extra food and a basic toolkit.

Having a saddlebag will really help ease their load, however, getting the right one might be a challenge. There is a lot of variety that will come down to personal requirements and preferences; small hand sized kits that fit in snug under the saddle, simple Velcro strap-ons that sit on the stem, and a range of classic side bags that hover over the rear spokes, holding everything from a tent to a laptop.

While it might be a little hard to judge the right one, a pack is far more comfortable than having something digging into your back for a long ride.

Magazine Subscription

Keep your ride buddy in the cycling know with a subscription to an Australian cycling magazine fromBicycling Australia orCyclist Magazine, or for a European flavour tryCycling Weekly.

Gift Cards

Struggling for something to buy, or guess a size, or don’t want to spend a fortune on postage?

A gift card is a fantastic idea for the person who is hard to buy for, as you show them you care and you’re thinking of them, and also give them the flexibility to purchase something they need when they need it.

We have gift cards from $50 to $300, perfect for helping get someone you love into a fantastic piece of Body Torque kit they will love.

Traditional stocking stuffers

Of course, there is always the traditional Christmas sock stuffers, so why not give them a cycling twist with cycling socks and caps? Go for fun colours and lots of fashion appeal. High quality is an absolute must as these items need to wick sweat, reduce rubbing and be able to take some weather and ride stress. Body Torque has a quality guarantee to make sure your purchase is the right one.

Make a cool splash this Christmas by giving a Body Torque cap or socks with special Christmas prices online now. 

Having Christmas all wrapped up in early December? That’s freedom!

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