5 Easy Steps to Recovery after an Event

Following these tips will help you to fully recover after an event or intensive exercise!

Active Rest

The next day after the event, follow up with low intensity exercise like walking, easy swimming, light jogging or slow bike ride. If you ride, ride slowly in lower gears to spin your legs allowing for a good spinning action. This follow-up exercise helps to flush out any lactic acid build-up, and refuelling your depleted muscles.

Rehydrate yourself

Refuel yourself. If you are feeling thirsty, you generally might be dehydrated, so make sure you replenish your fluid intake, this is affected by the weather and how much you perspire. So be conscious to drink as you ride and during the ride but also afterwards. Eat within 20 - 30 minutes after the exercise preferably protein if you can. This helps with your muscle recovery. You also might need to replace your electrolytes like sodium and potassium, so depending on your loss of fluids, drinks like Hydralyte assist with this.

Cold Water Bath or Swim

Soaking in cold water after a workout can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, by encouraging the blood to circulate through your body. Sitting in a bath, cover your legs with water and sit for 15 minutes or go to the beach if you can! Then take a warm shower for a few minutes and alternate between the two.

Massage or Stretching

Massage helps remove inflammation, tension & knots as well as improves blood circulation. Choose a remedial Massage Therapist as they like to fix niggly bits and are good at releasing any tension.

The other option is rolling out your muscles. It is one of the easiest and effective ways to stretch your muscles. Rest your legs on a foam roller and roll slowly back and forth, stopping and pressing onto the sorest spots for 30 - 40 seconds. For the harder to reach areas such as your back lean against a tennis ball on the wall.

Finish with some light stretching. The massage or rolling out can be a workout for your muscles, so don't plan another ride and rest instead.

A Good night’s Sleep

The recovery process will be severely diminished if you don’t get a Good night sleep! Get to bed early or at a reasonable hour, don’t get distracted by Telly or the internet, use some ear plugs if you are in a noisy environment.